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Southern Spain’s own super bloom; Springtime in Cieza

Now that we’re in the full swing of the spring season, the weather has been absolutely kind to all of Murcia’s inhabitants. The sun lingers till 8:30pm, and it’s been all clear blue skies and cool breezes. Spring weather invites me to leave my home and stay out longer, which is why spring is absolutely delicious. This is when I get out of hibernation mode and start considering going out on more morning runs and try to reverse the effects of winter foods (but that’s a whole other story. Sigh.)

Sundays have always been my favorite day of the week, always reserved for day trips and fresh air. Growing up in Southern California that meant going to Newport Beach. My mother would pack a picnic basket full of Mexican pastries and cafe caliente for breakfast, and tortas for lunch time. By 6am, we’d be camped out on the shore watching my dad catch some waves as we played in the sand. Ever since I moved to Spain, Sundays have been dedicated to taking local trips and getting to know more of the region. 

To celebrate spring we decided to take a day trip to the local town of Cieza.

Cieza is a quiet, small town in the south of Spain dedicated to agriculture; easily overlooked on the map, which is why I wanted to share this experience. If you’re anything like me, hidden gems of adventures that take me outdoors are most preferred!

Cieza is one of the many towns in the region of Murcia that prides themselves for their high quality agricultural products. But the southern region of Spain also suffers from something we are all too familiar with in California; drought. Luckily, Cieza is one of the towns through which the river Segura runs.

We had heard that the almond trees would be blooming soon, but we wanted to find a sweet spot where the countryside meets the river, perfect for picnicking. But did this spot exist? If so, how would we ever get there?

Solution: We consulted with our local viejos at the bar (you know, your classic boina toting señores in you local Spanish bar). When in doubt, ask in bars! 😉 


Some of the señores were kind enough to give us written directions to a spot where we’d be able to park and hike down to the river. And so on Sunday we headed out to Cieza!

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Towns like Cieza have always captured my attention; small close knit communities living in the countryside awaiting to be discovered. 


Almond trees painting the countryside in various shades of pink and white.

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetProcessed with VSCO with a4 preset

We spent the day close to the river collecting wildflowers and relaxing in the shade. It’s situations like these that make me long to have my own dog to bring out to the countryside.. one day..soon enough!

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetProcessed with VSCO with a4 preset

I really can’t get enough of spring lately. Anyone else find some sweet spots to bask in the spring glory??

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